Mapuia Crisis Center – One Year Anniversary

mcc one year anniversary

Date: November 3, 2017

Today last year, Mapuia Crisis Center was inaugurated with a mixed feelings of joy (for God’s love) and grief (for Mapuia), “but confident of this,” as Paul said “he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Phil 1:6)

God is working in this humble and lowly ministry as many people have been helped …. Today we had a very simple thanksgiving prayer and cleaning the center with joy and peace in our hearts.

Vawinni hi keini MCC chhungkaw tan chuan ni chhinchhiah tlak tak niin, MCC kan din tirh atanga kum khat a nihna chiah a ni a, kan lawm hle a ni.

Kum khat chhung report kan siam hian kan rilru a hneh hle mai, he center tlawm tak, insit tak chung leh Pathian rinchhan na liau liau a din hi kan hriat loh lai hian Pathian hian min van hruai nasa tak em kan ti vawng vawng mai a ni.

Kan center a rawn leng lut zawng zawng te kha kan rin phak bak in an tam a, mi lungngai hlim tak a chhuak ta te kan ngaihtuah let hian a ropui kan tiin, Pathian thil theihna leh a tanpui na zar liau liau a ni kan ti lo thei lo.

He anniversary denchhen hian tawngtai a in pawl ho na leh center tih fai hnatlang kan nei a, kan hlim hle a ni.

Engpawh chu ni se, Pathian hian he center kaltlang hian thil tam tak min tih sak a, Pathian thil tihtheihna hi keini MCC chhungkua te chuan vawi tam kan lo hmu tawh a ni.

Pathian min kaihruaina hi ropui kan ti a, kan hun kal tawh te kan thlir let chang hian Pathian thiltih ropui em vang hian biangah mittui a luang leh thin.

He Center kaltlang a thlarau leh rilru lama damna chang tawh zawng zawng te kha, kan tih an ni lo e, Pathian thiltih ropui zawk a ni.

Tin vawinni hian he center dinchhan Mapuia kan hre reng a, a hriat loh kara Midangte tana malsawmna a nih zia hi hre ve se kan van ti thin em. Van atang hlim takin vawinni hi min lo lawmpui ve ang tih kan ring tlat a ni.

MCC chhungkuate vawikhat tal min lo tawngtai pui turin kan ngen ngawih ngawih a che u.

Vawinni min hruai thlengtu Pathian ropui ber rawh se.

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