MCC New Year 2017

MCC new year carol

A very Happy New Year.

Hope all is well.

We are also doing good after we had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holidays. We were surrounded by many friends during our first Christmas time after Mapuia died. Neighbors and friends gathered around us with food and sing carols almost every night during Christmas weeks.

Mapuia was among others who passed away during 2016 whose memorial services was conducted on the 31st December 2016 at the Leitan South Presbyterian Church. We are grateful to this church for sharing our grief.

Now we are in 2017 with new visions and new endeavors in helping others and serving God by serving others through Mapuia Crisis Center (MCC). We are happy to hear all the good comments about MCC from local people, church workers, social activities, community leaders and government officials.

It is our joy and happiness to see clients who receives healing and find meaning in their life through the humble service of this center and live a life of hope and have future now. Some entered with heavy burden and left with tears of joy and praise God. All these happens because God answer of your prayers and financial support.

Here are the highlights of MCC services.

1. Since its inception on November 3, 2016 MCC office open from 9:00 AM everyday (except when Nuteii was hospitalized during November 29- December 6,2016). Normally, Nuteii serves the people who came for spiritual counseling and prayer. Ruata helps people with special cases and problems in the afternoon as he is engaged in the Seminary in the morning.

2. MCC has recorded more than 130 visitors from different places. Everyday since the beginning, new visitors came as the inaugural functions was published and broadcast on local TV and News papers. The feedback and comments about MCC is very encouraging and heart- touching.

3. MCC recorded clients who came to the center for help from different people with different problems.. The oldest clients is 75 years old and the youngest client is 14 years. As of now, clients who came for one-on-one counseling are 10 people. Clients are diverse in terms of sickness and problems; some are drug addiction problems, some are love and relationship problems, some are economic and poverty problems, whereas some have spiritual problems. Apart from this walk-in clients, we received many calls and text messages for help. Many clients could not come to the center because of their busy schedules, and some live in the distance places. Most of the text message clients are working women with interpersonal relationship problems.

4. Telephone and on-line counseling is starting now only. Because of the internet connection problems, we could not reach people who are calling and want chatting on Facebook and Whatsapp. Only last week we get internet connection from the telephone department. We hope we will serve people effectively through this internet facilities.

5. MCC websites and Facebook page receives more visitors. Some clients came to the center after they saw MCC website and Facebook page.

6. Some clients came back to the Center for giving thanks to God and to us as they received helps for their problems and have new life in Christ. We are very happy that God is working in this humble services for the extension of his kingdom.

7. We are looking forward hiring an effective and helpful worker/staff in addition to Nutei and Ruata to receive calls and responsible for online chat. Please pray that we may able to hire a good counselor for the center.

8. What we need now is your prayer and financial support for the continuing ministry of this center.

To summarize the service of MCC, approximately, we see 2 clients (in-patients) everyday since its inception; Receive text messages for help everyday from out-patients; Calls for inquiry every other day; New clients every week; General visitors every other day.

9. The space and furniture have been renovated and improved. Ms Emily McJones of Grand Rapids(US) who came here in Aizawl for personal visit helped us in making patients record database in the computer.

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